Thursday, May 30, 2013

Russian-Ukrainian Volunteer Corp Wishes to Enter the Syrian Conflict

[Stimme Russlands] In the Russian-Ukrainian Volunteer Corp, which is being formed to support Syria's President Al-Assad in the struggle against extremists, there has already been a response of several thousand men.   This was  explained by the one who started forming the Corp, retired Colonel Sergei Rasumoski, who heads the "All-Ukrainian Union of Homeless Officers".

Rasumowski had published a video address on the creation of a volunteer force.  He directed his appeal "to all veterans of military services in the Soviet Union, to the entire Russian and Ukrainian officer corp."  Ukrainian authorities have not responded to the Colonel on this initiative.

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  1. I don't know if these people are serious but I am for all help to the government of Syria.
    You never hear from our U.S. government or our U.S. media, Abraham Lincoln killed 600,000 of his own people. Anything that Zionists are against I'm for. What they are for I'm against.
    Their designs are evil.

  2. Too many Marxists are involved with the Intifada.

  3. The Zionists plan was and is with a previous growing gathering of colluders, to achieve an absolute imbalance of
    power in the middle-east. They are very much responsible for
    the rise in Islamic radicalism, militantism, terrorism
    hatred of Arabs by non-Arabs and hatred of non-Arabs by, Arabs. We reap what we sow.

  4. It is called the Israel Project.

  5. Arabs and Muslims aren’t the same thing.

  6. Yes but in a large majority they in some way identify with
    each other and are identified with each other in the larger world.

  7. A sunstantial number of Arabs are actually Christian or Catholic. I'm not interested in perpetuating other, erroneous views about that.

  8. I like you try to think rationally and try to discern reality; what is truthful and what is lie and propaganda.
    I know that there are many non-Muslim Arab people. But many
    people do not, both people of religions and of secularism.
    I certainly am not trying to perpetuate that erroneous view
    but it seems that some people are trying to do that. It is
    helpful to them in promoting the 'With us or against us'
    attitude. I am trying to help to un-perpetuate this attitude.

  9. Tancred- "too many Marxists are involved with the intifada".
    You did not capitalize intifada but you capitalized Marxists. If you did this by intention then it seems that you and I agree that there are culprits and who they are.
    If you do not like this code talk neither do I. It makes it difficult to know who believes what.

  10. I believe that the end of the British Mandate, Islamic Nationalism and the birth of the Jewish State was the death warrant for Oriental Christianity.

  11. First I apologize for saying code talk, but sometimes I feel that is the way people in specific instances are talking to each other because sometimes they are.
    As you described it, is my my view also. And this comes from a good deal of historical documentation. You much more
    studied in this than I. But I have tried in good faith.
    You initially did say too many Marxists "are" involved.
    Now it is clearer that we're referring historically. We
    need refer to Marxists of now. They're covert when they need to be.

  12. Another apology from me . You DId capitalize Intifada. I don't look to interpret something as meaningful that isn't.
    The discussion is meaningful.

  13. huh? They turned a blind eye to the Orthodox being genocided in the Balkans namely Kosovo and now they do this? The rebels are Islamo-Marxists and beyond contempt it just doesn´t make sense. Assad was no great friend of Christians either.

    The Balfour Declaration was the beginning of the end I concur.


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